Monday, July 20, 2009


Hello Friends,
I am the host of this blog "Embedded System Design Hub".
With pleasure, I would like to WELCOME you , to this blog.

Since a long time, I was thinking about to start a blog on System Designing includes Hardware & Software. Where in, all technical people, experienced, inexperience, beginners, experts can come under roof. Experienced and experts can discuss there experiences, which will be helpful for others techies. The beginners can learn form the discussions and those who are already working on systems can solve their problems by discussing with experts.

Before starting, I would like to introduce myself.
I am Electronics Engineering graduate, with Post Graduate Diploma certification from India's well known Institutions in VLSI design & Embedded System.
I am having overall 12+ years of experience. Since, last 10 years, I am working in Design and developing of Embedded System and VLSI Designing.
I started my carrier as a Customer Support Engineer, responsible for installation and maintenance of Office Automation Appliances like EPABX System, Fax and Wireless.
I start my development carrier as VLSI System. Since then, I am in System Designing & Development, where in my profile includes, Product Design, Development, Testing, Coding and code review. I have worked on, all the areas of System Designing, like Schematic design, PCB Lay-out, Assembly programming, C, C++ programming, HDL coding etc. Now, I am working on Wireless Communication and Wireless Sensor Networks.
I have worked on many controllers(8-bit to 32-bit), like 8051, pic, Zilog, Hitachi, MSP430, AVR, OKI, ARM7, ARM9etc. I do have good exposure to RTOS, VxWorks, RTLinux and other Embedded OSs(FreeRTOS, uC/OS, ITRON, many others).

I have written study material and other publications on VLSI Designing & Embedded System Designing. I have also contributed in books, written on VLSI Designing and Embedded System Development.

With my extensive experience, I believe, I can solve your queries. I hope, many other experts, who will join this blog, soon.

I invite and welcome, all experts & experienced people to join blog and share their valuable knowledge with the new bees and upcoming techies.

With regards,
Thank you and All the Best...............................

Your Host

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