Saturday, May 22, 2010

freeRTOS Introduction

FreeRTOS™ is a small and portable real-time operating system. It is an open source and royalty free project started up by Richard Barry. FreeRTOS™ can be freely deploy for any commercial products.

The utilization of the basic features of real-time kernel, makes FreeRTOS™ simple embedded OS. Because of features like, simplicity, small in size and extensibility of FreeRTOS™ is a suitable for Embedded Applications on a wide range of platforms. FreeRTOS™ has been ported to numerous platforms like 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM and MSP430 etc. microprocessors.

FreeRTOS™ is supplied with source code. The FreeRTOS™ source code is included in the target application project. This makes the FreeRTOS™ API's interface available to the target application source code.

The memory size required for FreeRTOS™, depends on the target architecture, compiler used and for application.

The FreeRTOS™ website, is full of information. The commercial documentation is available at $35 only.

Licensing of FreeRTOS™

Free License
Commercial Use
Royalty free


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