Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Code::Blocks for ARM

Code::Blocks is an open source full-featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It offers a nice programming environment to the individual developer. Code::Blocks is available at www.codeblocks.org , download the latest version.Code::Blocks can be used in ARM based development program, along with an open source GNUARM cross-compiler.
GNUARM consists of GNU binutils, compiler set(GCC) and debugger. GNUARM works on windows(requires Cygwin), Linux and MacOS. GNUARM doesn't have any GUI, but you can adapt any commands from command line. GNUARM you can compile C and C++ programs. GNUARM can be downloaded from www.gnuarm.com. Download the newest stable GNUARM compiler.

Installation of GNUARM
  1. Click on GNUARM installer exe file to start the installation.
  2. Accept the license agreement.
  3. Select location for installation.4. Select components need to be installed(select all).
  4. Add program's shortcut in Start Menu.
  5. In additional task selecting Desktop Icon is optional, check on installing cygwin DLL.
  6. Ready to install GNUARM as per settings.
  7. Select 'OK' for adding GNUARM executable's path in System Environment.

Code::Blocks ARM Project
1. Start new empty project template of Code::Blocks.
2. Give project name with compiler setting as ARM GCC Compiler & click finish.
3. Ignore the messages.
4. Download example code of LED_blink.
5. Add files to project.
6. Open project build options and in Pre/post build steps, include command given below in Post-build steps:


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