Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Features of 8051 Architecture

  • An 8-bit ALU
  • CISC based Harvard Memory Architecture
    •  The external program memory and data memory have separate address spaces and control signal(s).
    • 8-bit internal data bus width and 16-bit internal address bus.
  • Operating frequency upto 12MHz
  • Instruction Cycle Time of 1μs
  • 32 Digital I/O Pins
    • Four ports of 8-bits each in single chip mode.
  • Internal data (RAM) memory – 128 bytes.
    •  Special function registers (SFRs)
    •  PSW (processor status word), A (accumulator), B register, SP (stack pointer) and registers for serial IOs, timers, ports and interrupt handler
  • Two external interrupt pins, INT0 and INT1
  • Two Timer/Counter –16-bit(Timer 0 and Timer 1)
  • Serial Interface (SI) – Programmable full duplex UART modes for serial IO
  • Low-power idle and power-down modes
  • 4V to 6V operating range.

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