Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ARM based Development Using Code::Blocks

As discussed earlier, the Code::Blocks is a lightweight, open-source IDE written in C++ with the wxWidgets toolkit. It's available for most of the operating system with wxWidgets support.

Continuing with the previous topic, the other way to utilize the Code::Block IDE, for ARM based development is using the Customized makefile. Many sample application or sample codes for different ARM controller are available for download. These sample projects can be used as it is with Code::Blocks IDE.


  1. Assembler/Compiler required by makefile.

  2. Code::Blocks IDE.

Start New Project

  1. Go to File -> New -> Project.

  2. Select Empty Project.

  3. Add all files in the downloaded project including makefile.

  4. Open Project Properties, and enter Makefile and tick the “This is a custom Makefile” option.

  5. In Project Build option, set Selected Compiler as “GNU GCC Compiler” or select compiler, which can execute the makefile.

  6. Try to build the project, if everything is OK, the Build Log shows “Process terminated with status 0”.

  7. If failed, check the make command, open Project Build Options, open the “Make” Commands” tab. Insert the proper commands, used to build from makefile.

Note:The project directory should be managed as per the makefile.

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